Budget Schedules

Item Definition
Unrestricted E&G Estimated Revenues Reflects in detail the disposition of Estimated Revenues to support the Unrestricted Educational and General (E&G) operating budget. Funding from these sources may be used to support any E&G unit or operation on the Fayetteville Campus. (For reporting purposes, the totals of Dedicated Revenues have been combined with the Unrestricted E&G totals on this schedule.)
Unrestricted E&G Budget Allocations This schedule shows the detailed allocation of the Unrestricted Educational and General (E&G) budget among Fayetteville campus units. These allocations are listed by Function (Instruction, Research, etc.) because the University must report to both the Board of Trustees and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education using this scheme.(For reporting purposes, the totals of Dedicated Revenues have been combined with the Unrestricted E&G totals on this schedule.)
Unrestricted E&G/Dedicated Revenue Allocations(Combined) This summary combines both the Unrestricted E&G and the Dedicated Revenue Allocations into one schedule. The total will match that of the Unrestricted E&G Budget Allocations schedule.
Dedicated Revenue Allocations By Function Shows the Dedicated Revenues (revenues generated by and within individual campus units) by Function (Instruction, Research, etc.)
Summary Of Auxiliaries & Service Operations

This is a summary of campus Auxiliary and Service & Revolving units' budget detail. They display both the source of estimated revenues and the allocations by spending category (Salaries, Maintenance, etc.). Definitions of each type of unit are:

Auxiliaries are enterprises that exist to furnish goods or services to students, faculty, or staff, and that charges a fee directly related, although not necessarily equal to, the cost of the goods or services. This category also includes Intercollegiate Athletics.

Service & Revolving Units are operations that provide a service or product for a fee to users principally within the institutional community. A service unit develops a rate for the service activity based on actual incurred costs and chanrges users based on actual usage.

Budget Schedule Categories

Item Definition
Classified Salaries Salary budgets for non-faculty, non-professional employees. These salaries are laid out in prescribed ranges by the State and rules regarding salary increases and other changes for them are dictated by the State through the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).
Non-Classified Salaries Salary budgets for faculty and non-faculty professional administrative employees. The maximum allowable salary for these employees is regulated by the State to comply with existing legislation.
Summer Salaries/Service Awards Budget allocations to cover costs of Summer School sessions (salaries and maintenance) as well as costs for annual Career Service Awards (if authorized by the State and Board of Trustees). These awards are also know as Longevity Awards and are calculated based on the employee's time in service in a state agency.
Other Compensation Budget allocations to support the payments of Overtime Pay and the cost of Sick Leave Payouts at termination.
Fringe Benefits Budget to support the payment of matching expenses for Medical Insurance Premiums, Retirement, Social Security/Medicare, etc.
Operating Maintenance Budget allocations for operating expenses such as Travel, Postage, Office Supplies, etc.

Position Budget Source Terms

Item Definition
Hard Budget Hard Budget is defined as that portion of the operating budget that is supported by tuition and fee revenue, unrestricted state revenues, and other unrestricted revenue sources such as investment income and indirect cost recovery.
Departmental Budget Departmental Budget is defined as that part of the budget that is supported by revenue-generating operations within campus colleges/units. (This type of revenue is also referred to as "Dedicated Revenues".)
Foundation Support Foundation Support is defined as that part of the budget that is supported by private giving by alumni, friends and organizations.
Restricted Support Restricted Support refers to salaries that are supported by payments from grants and sponsored research projects.
Other Sources Other Sources cover salaries that are supported by Foundation sources and salary savings and other sources within a unit.
Other BU Support This indicates that an employee is supported by more than one budget entity and shows how much of their position is supported by that unit.